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Hot Water Installation

Installing your new water heater is a fairly straightforward process. We are happy to assist you in discussing options on your budget if you have not yet purchased your new water heater. On Installation Day we will disconnect and remove your old water heater OR find the best location in your space for the new water heater to reside. We will happily remove and dispose of your old unit and the packaging/waste materials of the new unit. Next, we will secure the new water heater and connect it to water, gas, and electrical lines. In order to comply with the most recent codes and ensure the safety and function of your unit, we may need to make a few changes or upgrades. If this is necessary, we will explain what needs to be done and why.

Once installed and connected, we will run a series of tests to confirm there are no leaks and the unit is functioning properly. After the final inspection, we will walk you through safety guidelines and maintenance to support the longevity and care of your new water heater! We welcome your questions to ensure you feel knowledgeable and comfortable with your equipment.

Main Drain Cleanout

Sewer maintenance and care are absolutely essential to a well-run residence. It’s important to know what kind of pipes you have and what type of maintenance, if any, is in place. The older the pipes, the more issues that can arise. We recommend scheduling the main drain cleanout periodically to prevent costly and unfortunate sewer issues. Our team would love to discuss a maintenance plan that works for you. Even if you have a plan or you don’t know when the last time the main drain was cleaned, backups happen. In either case, we are here to help! 

Every residence connects to a main sewer line that flows to the city wastewater plant. Each appliance that drains water, from toilets to sinks to washing machines, connects to the main drain that leads wastewater away from the residence. If the main drain is clogged, you will observe one or more signs such as:

We will clean your pipes by inserting a high-power hose in the main drain to clear away all debris and any blockages or buildup. Once the pipes are squeaky clean, water flows smoothly and it’s more difficult for debris to attach to the insides. We can also add epoxy to further protect your pipes and prevent buildup.

Sewer Repair for Both the Homeowner or the Business Owner

Sewer maintenance and repair are as essential for your business as they are for your residence. If you know what type of pipes you have and previous maintenance practices, you are ahead of the game. If you don’t have any information on your existing pipes, it’s a great idea to inspect your system and gather the information that could save you from a costly and messy future plumbing issue. When it comes to your sewer system and pipes, prevention is highly recommended and always worthwhile. While sewer lines don’t last forever, regular maintenance and cleaning can increase their lifespan and decrease buildup, blockages, and emergent issues. With our camera inspection and hydrojet technology, we can help you discover the information you need to master your plumbing!

Unclog Toilets

Generally, you can use a basic plunger to unclog your toilet. Occasionally, you may have a stubborn clog or issues of buildup and/or backup that complicate the unclogging process. You may also have a bigger problem requiring a drain cleanout. Whatever the condition of your clog, we are here to help you in the most efficient manner possible. To avoid common clogs, we recommend minimal use of toilet paper and never flushing other products or substances.

Drain Cleaning Services

We can assist you in maintaining all of the drains in your residence or commercial property. Drains often take quite a bit of abuse, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom. There is no time like the present to focus on drain maintenance and careful monitoring of what enters your drains. In the kitchen, it’s important to keep a grease jar handy and never pour grease down your drain. If you have a garbage disposal, it’s helpful to remember that you can protect your disposal by not throwing everything in your kitchen sink! Organic waste products could provide essential nutrition for your garden or someone you know. Great for your garden and your drains!

No matter how well you maintain your drains, buildup is eventually inevitable. However, you can be proactive by scheduling periodic drain cleaning to keep water and drains flowing smoothly and avoiding cracks and pipe deterioration. Drain cleaning is not a costly as you might think! We look forward to helping you create a cleaning plan that keeps your residence or business running smoothly.

Tankless Hot Water Systems

What is a tankless hot water system? The traditional hot water heater not only heats your water, but serves as a reservoir. It is designed to hold enough water to run multiple appliances at once. The entire reservoir of water is heated no matter which appliance is in use or how much water you need. The excess water remains in the tank and is heated again. It’s not the most efficient, but is always ready with an ample supply of hot water. 

Tankless water systems generally have a higher initial cost. However, that cost will pay off by increasing your energy efficiency and decreasing monthly usage and bills. Some gas systems qualify for a tax credit! We are more than happy to talk through your options and budget to determine the best system for your needs.

Gas, Water, or Sewer Cleanout

The purpose of pipes is to contain and direct the flow of the substance within. Naturally, if the pipes are damaged of flow is slowed or blocked, problems tend to follow. Whether it’s your gas, water, or sewer lines the health and maintenance of your pipes is vital to your comfort and happiness. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, you could have a pipe problem requiring inspection and cleanout:

We will evaluate the problem swiftly restore functionality to your pumps and appliances and ensure your property is running smoothly and safely.

Water Softeners 

Hard water can be a challenging adversary. Although hard water basically poses no health hazard, it has a stubborn residue that can affect everything from your hair and skin, to your clothes and dishes, and most importantly your pipes. While there are various models and brands of water softeners systems, they all generally use a simple yet elegant scientific process of removing the mineral deposits through a positive/negative ion exchange. We look forward to discussing this process with you in more detail as well as your options for water softening systems.

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